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About Us

Wolem Residential is a reputable Painting and Decorating business based in Southeast Queensland, renowned for its expertise in Painting, Waterproofing, and Rectification works.


With over 15 years of experience in Project management, specifically handling projects valued at 1 million dollars and above, Wolem Residential has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

A Strong Focus On Personal Development & Environmental Sustainability

One of the distinguishing factors of Wolem Residential is its strong emphasis on personal development and environmental sustainability. The company's culture fosters continuous growth and improvement, both for its employees and the community it serves. Through regular training programs and opportunities for skill enhancement, Wolem Residential ensures that its team members are equipped with the latest Techniques, Equipment and Knowledge in the field. Furthermore,


Wolem Residential is dedicated to environmental sustainability, recognising the importance of responsible practices in the Painting and Decorating industry. The company actively seeks eco-friendly solutions, utilising environmentally conscious materials and techniques wherever possible. By prioritising sustainability, Wolem Residential strives to minimise its ecological footprint and contribute positively to the preservation of our environment

Prioritising Open Communication & Excellent Customer Service

In addition to its expertise in Painting, Waterproofing, and Rectification works, Wolem Residential places a strong emphasis on caring for its customers and understanding their unique needs. The company recognises that each project is distinct and requires a tailored approach to ensure customer satisfaction. Wolem Residential takes the time to listen to its customers, understanding their specific requirements, preferences, and budgetary constraints.


Customer communication is a top priority. The company believes in maintaining open and transparent lines of communication throughout the entirety of a project. From the initial consultation to the final stages of completion, Wolem Residential keeps its customers informed about the progress, challenges, and any necessary adjustments that may arise. By prioritizing effective communication, the company ensures that its customers are well-informed and involved in the decision-making process every step of the way. Wolem Residential goes beyond mere execution by placing significant emphasis on customer education.


The company understands that not all customers may be familiar with the intricacies of Painting, Waterproofing, and Rectification works. As a result, Wolem Residential takes the initiative to educate its customers about the various aspects of their projects. Whether it's explaining the different types of paints, discussing waterproofing methods, or providing insights into rectification techniques, the company empowers its customers with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions.


By prioritizing customer communication and education, the company aims to create a collaborative and satisfying experience for its customers. The company believes that an informed customer is better equipped to provide valuable input, enabling Wolem Residential to deliver results that align with their vision and expectations not ours.


With a customer-centric approach, Wolem Residential strives to build long-lasting relationships based on trust, reliability, and exceptional service. In summary, Wolem Residential not only excels in its Painting, Waterproofing, and Rectification expertise but also stands out through its dedication to understanding and meeting customer needs. By emphasizing customer communication and education, the company ensures that its clients are involved in the decision-making process and have a comprehensive understanding of their projects.


With a commitment to caring for its customers and exceeding expectations, Wolem Residential establishes itself as a reliable and customer-centric choice for all painting and decorating requirements.

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